Chemical Peels medical grade

Improve skin appearance with chemical peels

Aesthetic Solutions utilizes chemical peels to improve skin condition appearance. There are different chemical peels including medium-depth and mild peels and we’ll consult with you to find the best peel for your skin condition. Chemical peels are mostly used on the face and in some cases, other areas of the body upon assessment.

Chemical peels can be used to improve skin conditions such as; mild scars, some types of acne, reducing fine lines, age spots, freckles and improve sun damaged skin.

Although chemical peels can reduce fine lines it should be noted deep wrinkles and areas of the face that sag and need volume do not respond well to chemical peels. They may need other kinds of cosmetic procedures for best results, such as laser resurfacing, dermal tissue filler or botox. We can help you determine the most appropriate type of treatment for cosmetic skin concerns.

Chemical Peels

After Your Peel

Your skin will be temporarily more sensitive to the sun, so wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day and limit your time in the sun.

Cost Effective

Chemical peels are very effective and can be an affordable alternative to laser treatments for certain skin conditions.

Complimentary Consults

We're happy to give you a consultation to find the best peel for your skin's cndition. To book an appointment call us at
(403) 346-3376.


About Chemical Peels

After a skin consultation we’ll discuss the best chemical peel treatment option for your skin condition to achieve optimal results and beautiful skin.

Different chemical compounds can be used for this treatment and Aesthetic Solutions will find the most effective one for your skin condition.

The downtime for some chemical peels can range between 5-10 days, depending how quickly the face heals. During this time period you should avoid the sun.


Chemical Peel Advantages

  • Noticeably softens and smoothes the skin
  • Effective at decreasing certain types of acne
  • Reduces acne blemish breakouts
  • Helps to reduce fine lines on the face
  • Reduces red spots for a more natural skin tone
  • Improves hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Decreases the appearance of superficial scars