PDO Thread Lift

The PDO absorbable thread lift is an alternative procedure to a surgical facelift for lifting sagging skin around the face, neck and jawline. Aesthetic Solutions in Red Deer offers this popular treatment which is safe and effective for minimal to moderate rejuvenation of sagging skin. The PDO thread lift does not require anesthesia and has a fast recovery time after the procedure.

PDO Threadlift to lift and tighten skin

PDO is a synthetic absorbable, biocompatible suture, used in cardiac surgeries, and is skillfully administered under the skin in strategic areas to lift and tighten skin. In addition to the subtle skin rejuvenation this procedure delivers, the material also helps to stimulate collagen growth, firming the skin and providing further long-lasting result for the treatment area. The PDO threads are eventually absorbed and broken down, over a period of months, by the body.

As with most cosmetic treatments, success and lasting outcome is dependant on the quality of the skin, degree of aging skin and number of threads used. Typically most patients will see excellent results for this type of skin rejuvenation for approximately 2 years.

About PDO Thread Lift

Safe and Effective

PDO threads is most commonly used for medical suturing and are FDA approved. The threads do not leave scar tissue and are fully absorbed by the body within 4 to 6 months after the skin heals itself and new collagen is produced.

Treatment Areas

This treatment is most effective for minimal to moderate premature aging skin around the face, neck and jawline. PDO thread lift can help lift and contour areas that have lost collagen and the facial support structure caused by gravity and aging skin.

Candidates for PDO Thread Lift

PDO thread lift is a viable treatment option for cosmetic rejuvenation. This technique can be an alternative for individuals who choose not to undergo a surgical face or neck lift. To book an appointment call us at (403) 346-3376.

Two Types of PDO Threads

2 types of PDO Threadlift to lift and tighten skin

There is more than one technique to choose with PDO threads depending on the desired results and cosmetic goal.

  • For facial lifting, threads with tiny barbs Barbed provide subtle, yet noticeable results by lifting the the sagging skin and allowing for new collagen growth. This collagen rejuvenation effect will continue to improve for 2 to 6 months further enhancing the lift and tightening skin.
  • For gradual rejuvenation smaller threads without barbs are placed under the skin in horizontal and vertical patterns creating a support foundation for new collagen production which allows for a natural and gradual desired result by firming the skin and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

PDO Thread Lift Expectations

It can take up to 3 months to see maximum results with the PDO Thread Lift procedure.


PDO Thread Lift Post-Procedure

Typically after a PDO thread lift swelling can last 2 to 3 days, while bruising can occur and last for several days and is most often managed with Tylenol or Advil medications.

Followup treatment is recommended in the following weeks after the procedure to see if additional threads are required to improve outcome and to discuss a maintenance program to sustain cosmetic results.