Skin Resurfacing

How It Works

Aesthetic Solutions can provide results for wrinkles, sun spots, skin texture and skin discolouration caused by aging, sun exposure and other environmental factors such as smoking or stress. As we get older the body reduces collagen production which produces less elasticity in the skin causing permanent deep or superficial wrinkles accelerated by lifestyle choices.

We use the Palomar Icon 2940 ablative fractional skin resurfacing laser for treating moderate to deep wrinkles where it’s typical to see a 50 - 75% improvement after treatment. The laser delivers laser light in micro-fractional columns to ablate or remove the top layer of the skin allowing for regrowth of fresh, new skin. Recovery time is relatively quick, 4 to 6 days, with this procedure compared to older ablative treatments as the targeted columns of laser light allow for surrounding tissue to be unaffected.

The Palomar Icon 2940 is a safe and very effective approach for skin resurfacing laser treatment as Palomar is a leader in this type of technology through years of research and development.

Best Candidates for Fractional Skin Resurfacing

The Palomar Icon 2940 is very powerful and is the preferred treatment protocol when a substantial correction for skin is needed. Treatment can be performed on the face, neck, hands, arms and chest areas. Your skin will feel smoother and softer, while the skin's colour and texture will appear more even, less patchy, as brown spots begin to fade after just one treatment.

This is an excellent cosmetic choice for the correction of moderate to deep wrinkles and you’ll notice frown lines softening, a reduction of fine lines around the eyes, mouth and lips. Ablative Fractional resurfacing will help correct sun damage and hyper-pigmentation revealing optimal results.

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Skin-Resurfacing is recommended for:

December 2016 - January 2020

After Your Peel
Fine lines and wrinkles
Enlarged pores
Skin pigment
Scars, acne and burns
Stretch marks and cellulite

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