Treating acne and acne scars

Acne Treatment

How It Works

At Aesthetic Solutions, we provide a multi-pronged approach to treating acne and acne scars for patients who suffer with active acne or residual marks from past acne occurrences. Because there are many levels to persistent cystic problems in addition to skin types, hormone levels, vitamin deficiency, stress and inflammation which can contribute to the development of acne, there is no one ’silver bullet’ that can eliminate this skin condition. It’s for this reason that we employ many types of treatment protocols when treating acne and acne scars for patients suffering with active acne and acne residual marks.

When pores in the skin become clogged with the build up sebum (an oily or waxy matter) and a high level of Propionibacterium Acnes (bacteria) it produces blackheads or whiteheads to form within the pore. White blood cells then infiltrate the area and ensuing inflammation can lead to acneiform lesions called papules, nodules or cysts.

Successful treatment of acne is dependant on reducing the bacteria count of the bacteria in addition to reducing the excess sebum production from the sebaceous gland. Under the supervision of our physicians, patients receive a customized plan tailored to their specific needs to treat acne.

Check for Insurance Coverage

We're here to help treat your acne and you may also have coverage to offset the costs as a number of insurance companies will provide payments for some of the acne treatments.

Laser Acne Therapy and PhotoDynamic Acne Therapy

One of the treatments we have used successfully is Laser Acne Therapy and PhotoDynamic Acne Therapy (PDT). An agent called Levulan is left on for a predetermined amount of time. The skin is then treated with Intense Pulsed Light or Blue Light Laser. The treatment is repeated three to five times.

Acne is resolved for approximately one year and future breakouts are reduced. Skin texture and tone can also dramatically improve with PDT treatment. PDT is used in cases of moderate to severe acne patients. It’s important to understand that there can oftentimes be some trial and error when treating acne as every case is slightly different and many factors can contribute to the condition.

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When to Call a Physician

When over-the-counter washes, gels and products cannot control your acne condition you may need to seek professional help. Keep in mind that when dealing with children who have acne, even minimal amounts of acne, that this can be an embarrassing and psychologically painful experience to go through. When your child agrees to acne therapy we will ensure they're comfortable with the treatment and have realistic expectations for the outcome.

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